♥ taco eyes ♥

taco eyes ♥

This is the list of Super Junior Star Collection Cards I still need:

007 Donghae Hot Stamping Rare

008 Siwon Hot Stamping Rare

010 Kyuhyun Hot Stamping Rare

030 Siwon PET Rare

Magnets: Donghae, Kyuhyun

I am also looking for this card for a friend:

028 Eunhyuk PET Rare

If anyone has these cards for sale for a reasonable price, I am interested! I can also trade because I have a lot of extra cards. I’ve been working on this set for a long time and I would like to finish soon! :) Send me a message or email me at pootoyoutoo@hotmail.com if you will sell or trade for some of these cards! :)

I will be selling some photocards on eBay soon, probably next week. But I am putting them up here first in case any of my tumblr friends are interested in any of them! I am more interested in selling but will trade if I know the person or have traded with them before. I also have plenty of Super Junior Star Collection Cards- check the link on my main blog page for a current list of what I have available.

Let me know if you are interested through a message here or email me at pootoyoutoo@hotmail.com. A couple of the above cards have minor damage to them and I have more photos of each card so you can see their condition before you buy. :)

I’m selling some extra copies of Super Junior CD on eBay. None of them have photocards in them, but if you’re looking for just the CDs for cheap, check them out! My eBay name is happygoomba.



I really love this version where you can see everyone for the whole song.  There’s a lot of hidden moments of ridiculousness that are pointed out in the comments of the video (looking at you Siwon…).  It reminds me of that “No Other” stage with the bubbles!

This MNET channel has lots of these fancam-like vids from M! Countdown stages, including some that are focused on particular members :)  




Choi Siwon, ladies and gentlemen

baby hae’s awkward sexy dance